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italian modern Sofa Beds, simple and strong.  

Momentoitalia showcases a selected collection of modern Italian sofa beds which are durable, strong and stylish. Our Italian Sofa beds and Sleeper Sofas are manufactured in northern Italy and are available in standard or sectional versions.

High quality sofa beds are the perfect solution if you are downsizing from a bigger, if you need extra sleeping solutions for your family or guests, or if you are limited with space and need practical solutions without compromising your living or sleeping areas. Our quality Italian designer sofa beds fit greatly in any house, bigger or small, from a New York City apartment to a Los Angeles mansion, you will find the perfect size starting from single convertible armchairs to large compositions. They are beautifully realized with attention to design, comfort and functionality.

Our modern Italian Sofa Beds collection is just what you need, our sofa beds are a smart solution if you are dealing with a small space, but they are also constructed with quality components and most of them feature Italian patented Lampolet system. For bigger spaces, our modern designer sofa bed are also available in larger sectional versions, so you can create sofa beds with L shape and corners or with chaise lounges, which are perfect to substitute a living room sofa with the advantage of having a ready to use comfortable convertible bed.

Our convertible sofa beds are also very comfortable. The seats are firm and the back is thick and high allowing for a correct seating position for reading and watching television. This firm structure allows to seat on a piece of furniture which holds a mechanism without feeling any part of it. The convertible mechanism is user friendly and quick to open, the sofa unfolds into a bed in one simple step. 


one touch operation system…

Our modern sofa beds are extremely easy to open. Most of the sofa beds from our collection feature a one touch operation system: simply pull the back of the sofa forward to unfold a full, queen or even king size bed; this is so easy why would you make it any other way? 

Italian Designer Sofa Beds modern opening system

everything stays in place ..…

With our smart convertible sofa beds the seat and back cushions stay attached to the structure so you do not need to remove them to convert the sofa into bed. Seat and back cushions are safely stored underneath. You will never sleep where you seat, and your cushions will keep their shape and stay clean.  Selected models open by pulling the back forward, other models by pulling a handle.


strong bed mechanism italian made ..…

Depending from the selected model, our Italian sofa beds are equipped with strong bed systems ranging from large wood slatted or electro welded  bed mechanism. Their design allows the sofa bed to stay put minimizing movements of the structure.  


hidden storage space

Keep your room neat and mess free and store pillows and sheets in the two large storage pockets located behind the back (on selected models) Have your sofa bed ready in no time and keep everything in order. No  more messy bedrooms! On selected models only.



Sometimes you just really need that comfortable queen size bed for your in laws visits, but you really lack the space. There are different ways to save space without giving up on a lovely modern organized room. Our modern convertible sofa beds are also available with narrow armrests but still boost a  queen size bed. This allows you to save those extra 7 or 10 inches which were crucial to your space.  On selected models only.



Our modern Italian sofa beds can be completely disassembled for easy moving. Doesn't know if it all fit into your new apartment? want to place your sofa bed in a different room? Our convertible sofa beds can be completely disassembled: start by taking off the armrests, then the back, the front foot panel and unzip cushions so that you can easily transport and reassemble. 


comfortable mattresses

Pocketed springs mattresses or polyurethane foam mattresses are available for all of our Italia modern sofa beds. A wide variety of materials such as leather, fabric, suede and mixed materials will ensure you find the perfect color for your living space. Customer own material welcome.